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Watch – Jamie Foxx mocks Donald Trump in throwback video with Snoop Dogg

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hollywood star jamie foxx is recovering from undisclosed “medical complications” at an Atlanta hospital. He was filming for the Netflix movie, “Back in Action” and suddenly developed health issues, due to which he had to be hospitalized.

Donald Trump (left);  Jamie Foxx (Twitter)
Donald Trump (left); Jamie Foxx (Twitter)

Meanwhile, an old video of Foxx mocking Donald Trump in the presence of star rapper Snoop Dogg is going viral on the internet.

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In a Rap Radar podcast video during promotion for the film “Day Shift”, Foxx did an impression of Trump and sounded like the former President of the United States.

In typical Trump style and voice, Foxx states, “There are a lot of great people on both sides. There are a lot of great people on both sides.” And the two men around him burst into laughter while Doug gives a wry smile.

Foxx continues, “I know Harry O. He’s a great man. He couldn’t vote for me at the time. Now he can vote for me after I get out”. The Oscar-winning actor has copied Trump’s voice so accurately that it is difficult to distinguish it from the real person’s voice if one listens to it without watching the video to begin with.

Throughout the video, Foxx pulls the dog’s leg and continues to sound like Trump. He says, “I love Snoop Dee Double-G. Great guy.”

Just then, one of the men asked him “Trump, do you like death penalty records?”. Foxx replies in Trump’s tone, “I love death row records. I love death…”.

The “Django Unchained” actor then mimics Trump’s signature “excuse me” accent. Foxx pretends to talk to the media and says “Sorry. Fake news. I love the death penalty”. At this point, Doug appears to clap for Foxx’s hilarious performance. Even Foxx seems to be laughing at his jokes.

One of the men pretends to be the interviewer and asks “What’s your favorite Death Row record, Mr. Trump?”. Foxx says, “All of them. I love death row records. Don’t try to pin me down. You just see what he does… Sorry. Fake news.” At this point the other man in the video is seen punching Foxx for being a complete cracker.

“They tried to give me the virus!, I defeated the virus!” says Foxx in a recreation of Trump’s speech. he then talks to the men and he goes[Trump] Said ‘they’ tried…they tried to give him the virus. Who are they? Foxx says “Then the motherf***er said “I defeated the virus!” “Everybody” f**k yeah! He beat it! Motherf***ing Trump, boy.”

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