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"Was poisoned…"Pakistan star’s shocking claim, reveals how Shahid Afridi helped him

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"Was poisoned..."Pakistan Stars Shocking Claim, Revealed How Shahid Afridi Helped Them

File image of former Pakistan player Imran Nazir© Youtube

Between 1999 and 2012, Imran Nazir played eight Tests, 79 ODIs and 25 T20 matches for the Pakistan cricket team. He was also part of the Pakistan squad for the inaugural 2007 T20 World Cup. However, he could never make a long run as other players overtook him with good performances. He recently narrated a bone-chilling incident in which he claimed that he was poisoned. The former opener said that he was diagnosed with mercury poisoning. he also mentioned Shahid Afridi Financial support was provided to him during his treatment.

“When I underwent treatment including MRI and all others, it turned out that I was poisoned by someone. It was mercury. It is a slow poison. It reaches your joints and damages them. All my joints affected Done, damaged. I suffered for five to six years. I prayed to God, ‘Please don’t bring me to bed.’ And thankfully that never happened,” Nazir said. Nadir Ali Podcast,

“I can’t figure out when and what I ate. Because poison doesn’t react immediately. I never wished bad for whoever did this. I’m fit now. I’m doing well. All my savings It’s over. Shahid Afridi helped me with money. He helped me when I was suffering. He told me to ‘take as much money as you want’. It was around 40-50 lakhs. It happened around three years ago Afridi told his manager that I should be given the money without question.”

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi recently spoke on the Asia Cup impasse between India and Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi said in the press conference on the sidelines of Legends League Cricket, “The main problem is that we do not sit together and talk. Like we are sitting here and talking, politicians should also come together and talk. They have a big responsibility.” ” ,

“It would have been really good if India had come. It would have been a step towards cricket for India and Pakistan. This is not a generation of war and fights, we want relations to be better. We have played against India a lot.” Of love and affection. I remember when we came to India, we got a wonderful response. If you remember the 2005 series, Harbhajan and Yuvraj used to go shopping and go to restaurants, and no one took money from them. This is the beauty of two nations. ,

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