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Who was Tillu Tajpuriya, Why gangster killed him in Tihar Jail

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Tillu Tajpuriya was accused of being the leader behind a shooting incident in Rohini that resulted in a murder in December 2021. How he allegedly planned the incident while he was in jail?

Sunil Balyan, also known as Tillu Tajpuriya, was a gangster who was in jail. He led a gang called the Tillu gang for more than 10 years. Allegedly, he was the one who planned a shooting in Rohini that resulted in a murder in December 2021, while he was still in jail. On Tuesday, he was beaten to death by rival gangsters in Tihar Jail.

According to the police, Tillu was killed by four men who were linked to the Gogi gang while they were all in Jail No. 8. The Gogi and Tillu gangs have been enemies since 2010, and their rivalry has led to more than 20 deaths, including the deaths of their leaders.

In December 2021, Tillu reportedly sent two attackers who shot and killed Jitendra Mann, the leader of the Gogi gang, during a court hearing in Rohini. The attackers were caught, and Tillu and his associates were accused of planning and carrying out the murder. A chargesheet was prepared against them.

Police officers have said that Tillu and Gogi were once friends, but they became enemies during a student union election at Swami Shraddhanand College in Delhi. The police said that they supported different candidates and had a fight. Over the next ten years, Tillu and Gogi and their gangs targeted each other in the name of gang warfare and to dominate their area.

Who was Tillu Tajpuriya?

The gangster, Tillu Tajpuriya, came from Tajpur Village, which is known as a place where many local gangsters come from. According to the police, he had connections with notorious gangsters such as Neeraj Bawania, Sunil Bali, Cheenu, and others. He was arrested in 2016 for being involved in more than 11 cases of murder, the Arms Act, extortion, robbery, and other crimes. The Special Cell of Delhi Police also charged him under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

The police stated that Tillu was able to continue leading his gang from inside jail for many years and ordered numerous murders. He is survived by his parents and three siblings. Tillu’s father had a job with the Delhi Municipal Corporation and has recently retired.

Sources have reported that Tillu was involved in cases of murder and robbery in both Delhi and Haryana. In 2015-16, Gogi and another gangster named Kuldeep Fajja were allegedly planning to murder Tillu and had tried to send their associates to jail to carry out the hit. However, the police arrested Gogi and Fajja, and their plan was foiled. Although Fajja was freed from police custody at GTB Hospital by his gang members, he was later killed in a police encounter. Gogi was killed in a shootout at the Rohini court. An officer provided this information.

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