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Shilpa Shetty on Hungama 2 and Nikamma not working: Nobody came out saying I was bad in the film, so it’s okay

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After a series of Hindi films that failed to impress the audience or set the cash register ringing, audiences have shown a growing interest in exploring regional language films. Moreover, as the pan-India phenomenon is gaining momentum, 47-year-old actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra feels fortunate to act in a multilingual film.

Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra will be seen in the film Sukhi and web series Indian Police Force. (Photo: Alok Soni)
Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra will be seen in the film Sukhi and web series Indian Police Force. (Photo: Alok Soni)

When asked about the ongoing debate between Bollywood and regional language films, Shilpa believes that the comparison is not fair. She explains, “These are very difficult times for films in general. You cannot say that Hindi films are equal to, or inferior to, films in other languages. My point of view is that films are being churned out and the audience has become a bit finicky. Plus, the fans in the south are a bit more fanatical so they’ll really venture in, plus ticket prices are much lower [there],

Elaborating on why the film business has become extremely unpredictable, she cites Pathanwhich has accumulated more For example 1000 crores. “It has broken all the records till date. So, you really don’t know what is going to work with the audience and entice them to the theatres. Actors everywhere are trying their best and want to impress the audience. As long as the intent is there, we will make good films,” says the actor, who returned to films after a hiatus Ruckus 2 (2021) and useless (2022).

Making an interesting revelation, the mother of two shares she never planned to work so much after taking a break.

“I thought I would do a film or a web series once in two years as an outing. But the parts for women are very challenging and attractive. I’m still taking baby steps. This year it is going to be an interesting gamut of emotions, characters and films, so I am really looking forward to warm the audience one more time,” says Shilpa, who will next be seen in the film Happy and web series Indian Police Force.

But the fact that both his comeback films were panned by audiences and critics, does such a setback affect him? “I don’t even think about it. I just know that every film comes with its own destiny. And nobody has come out saying, ‘Oh, Shilpa was bad in the film’. I’m fine. I don’t take that responsibility or that pressure [of the box office result], You have given birth to a child. Now whoever that child is or what it is like, you have to accept it with all your heart and it is still your child.

That being said, Shilpa claims that the way she reacted to criticism in the 90s has not only changed as films have changed, but also as audiences have evolved over time, and their opinions on films And they perform on screen.

“I take criticism on my chin. I am someone who constantly wants to reinvent myself, to be a better version of myself as an actor and a person. I also use social media to my advantage and take healthy criticism. Some of these keyboard warriors are there because they are so miserable in their lives that somewhere they want to inflict some misery on us too. Even so I tell them, ‘bring it on’. If If it makes you happy, then I am willing to take that in my stride. But, constructive criticism is something I always want to pay attention to and work towards bettering myself. In these three decades It’s been really tough, but still staying relevant is the biggest high. It’s a big tick off my check list, so I’m happy with just that,” she wraps up.

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