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Shahrukh Khan revealed he was broke after buying “MANNAT”, Gauri helps me

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ShahRukh Khan revealed that despite being one of the richest superstars in the country, he faced financial difficulties when he purchased his iconic house, Mannat. In an interaction with the media during the launch of Gauri Khan’s book, ‘My Life In Design,’ Bollywood King shared the story of their home and Gauri’s entry into the world of design.

ShahRukh Khan also revealed when they bought Mannat, it was a significant investment that strained their finances. After acquiring the house, they had no funds remaining to decorate or furnish it. We eventually hired a designer, but finally came to the realization that we couldn’t meet the cost of their services.

ShahRukh Khan revealed that due to financial constraints after purchasing Mannat, he turned to his wife, Gauri, who had artistic talent, and asked her to be the designer for their home. As they gradually earned more money, they started buying small items to enhance the house. They even traveled to South Africa once to purchase leather for the sofas, which Shah Rukh believes helped Gauri develop her skills in design.

Gauri Khan’s book showcases her path as a designer through special photographs featuring her and her family. The book includes never-before-seen pictures of Mannat, revealing the creative thinking behind transforming the historic property. It also highlights her involvement in significant projects and captures her design thought processes.

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Gauri mentioned that her husband is the toughest critic to satisfy when it comes to design. She also shared that her most difficult undertaking as a designer was creating the Red Chillies Entertainment office.

Gauri Khan expressed that as a designer, every project holds significance regardless of its scale. Giving our best effort is crucial when facing the unique challenges that come with every project. Gauri mentioned that among all the projects she has worked on over the years, Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies office proved to be a particularly difficult one. Their team faced constant struggles to obtain his approval because he consistently came up with better design ideas.

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