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Raghuveer got heart attack: got ICU after 10 hours, breathing stopped, Dinesh’s eye surgery not done since 2 days

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Jaipur21 minutes agoAuthor: Sandeep Sharma

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Dinesh injured in the accident.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Dinesh injured in the accident.

Private medical college and hospital operators are not admitting serious patients in protest against the Right to Health Bill. Due to this, more than 76 patients have come from outside in SMS and Jekelon in 24 hours. Due to the residents’ strike, routine operations in the hospitals have completely stopped and only serious patients are being operated.

Not even a single routine operation was performed in the last two days in other hospitals including SMS and JK Lon, while earlier there used to be more than 150 daily. Here, women doctors took out a rally from JMA to Trimurti Circle to protest against the Right to Health Bill. PHNS Secretary Dr. Vijay Kapoor and IMA media in-charge Dr. Sanjeev Gupta said that doctors will not bow down at any cost as they have nothing left to lose after this bill.

O Lord of the earth! Along with prayer, medicine is also needed.

Not a single operation in SMS-JK Loan

  • 150 routine operations ago
  • Not a single operation is happening now
  • 9 to 10 thousand tests were done
  • 7 tests are being done everyday now
  • OPD was of 14 thousand
  • 12 thousand OPD, even after the strike
  • pendency of pregnant women crossed 2100 in 3 days

Came from Dausa 2 days ago, died on 23

Raghuveer Singh, who came from Dausa on March 21, had a heart attack, was admitted to SMS. After this, brain stroke came on 23rd at around 5 am. Doctors told the need for ICU, but could not be admitted. When the problem increased, ICU was given at 3 pm, but the breath stopped at 6 pm. Son Deepak said that if he had got ICU, father would have been saved.

No treatment on recruitment, injury to hand and leg, eye injury

Dinesh of Baran got injured in a road accident. The family went to several private hospitals, but could not get treatment. Then referred SMS. There is injury in hand and leg and right eye is injured. Dinesh was admitted to trauma on 23 March. Said that the operation will be done, but the operation is stuck since two days and the pain has bothered me.

Heart, Gynae and cancer patient’s life in danger
Singer: The problems of heart, gynecologist and cancer patients have increased due to the strike. In 3 days, the pendency of sonography and other investigations of pregnant women to be done every 7 months has crossed 2100. Due to lack of investigation in private hospitals, cases have increased in women and janana.

Heart: About 1400 heart patients are given medicines daily in private hospitals, but this is not happening now. Every day around 180 people have heart problems in Jaipur district. Now the entire load due to strike has come on SMS Hospital.

cancer : The number of patients has increased in SMS, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer Hospital. Everyone is being treated here, but after the strike, fewer patients are reaching the hospitals, while private hospitals are admitting and treating serious patients.

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