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Pakistani actor Sajal Aly: I really miss Sridevi ji and working in Bollywood films

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Pakistani actress Sajal Ali has a special association with Bollywood ever since she worked with late actress Sridevi in ​​her first Hindi film. Mother (2017). And she wonders when the boundaries separating actors from the film world will vanish.

Sajal Aly had worked with Sridevi in ​​the film Mom.
Sajal Aly had worked with Sridevi in ​​the film Mom.

“I would love to work in India again. But I don’t know when. Let’s see what the future holds for me? I’ve been talking about this for years and years. I don’t think politics should come between art and artist. And I hope that this wall between India and Pakistan ends.

The actors may be away from the Hindi film industry, but they have found a way to keep their relationship going. She did this by working with Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and actor Shabana Azmi in her first international film. What’s Love Got To Do With It?, which highlights cross-cultural conflicts through the concept of arranged marriages in the age of Tinder.

Ellie told us, “It was a dream come true for me…they have a personality, like it’s very relaxed.”

For him, the memories of Bollywood are directly related to the memories of working in the film with Sridevi.

“I was very close to Sridevi ji. She unfortunately left us very soon. I’ve never really talked about her and my relationship. But I have to say that it is really unfortunate that we artistes get caught in the tension between the two countries. Our work hurts. When I worked in Bollywood, I got a lot of love and respect, which is close to my heart till date.

Talking about his bond with Sridevi, Ali says, “I feel I should have a home in India because she was very close to me”.

“She was like my mother. It was not just a work relationship that we had. It was more than that. She came to India when I was shooting for Mom, that’s when she met my mother. My mother left us before the release of the film and then after a few months Sridevi really left us.There was a lot of emotional bonding, we used to talk on phone for hours where she would guide me like her own daughter I really miss him,” she ends.

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