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Nikhil Vijay: Cinema has changed over the years and so has the way of using it

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The web show College Romance recently came under the scanner for the use of sexually explicit language as the Delhi High Court in a strong remark said, “Its sexually explicit language can corrupt impressionable minds as the content was widely available”. “. Justice Swarna Kanta Sharma noted that “the court had to watch the episode with the aid of earphones in the chamber, as the profanity of the language used was to such an extent that it could not be heard without shocking or intimidating the people around.” The court has directed the streaming platform to take appropriate remedial steps.

Actor Nikhil Vijay has been a part of several youth centric shows
Actor Nikhil Vijay has been a part of several youth centric shows

Responding to the controversy, actor Nikhil Vijay, who has been a part of shows that use foul language, says, “Don’t watch such shows without earphones. My point is, treat it the way it deserves to be treated. You don’t need to make it a community experience. ,

All kinds of A-rated and R-rated content is being created and seen around us. If you say that such a thing should not happen, then I think it is against democracy. My point is, treat it the way it deserves to be treated. In this day and age, everything is available on the web,” says Vijay, as he suggests that censoring one particular thing will not change anything in the bigger picture.

While Vijay, who is currently shooting for the fourth season of Hostel Days in Delhi, agrees that the use of foul language can have some drawbacks for impressionable minds, he says that sometimes the scene weighs Adding is necessary. “Profanity serves as a figure of speech for the language. It makes the language rich and real. This is the reason why films like Gangs of Wasseypur left a mark on the minds of the audience. If you are playing a character, and at a certain point, if the scene demands…and it looks like it will abuse now…give it to Chaiya. If foul language is being used then it should be out of necessity and not just for the sake of it,” he explains.

The Court also highlighted in its judgment that “it is not the language which is used by the youth of the country or otherwise by the citizens of this country, and this language cannot be said to be the language frequently spoken in our country”. ”

Vijay explains the reason why abusive language is being used openly today, which never used to happen 5-6 years ago. He says, “Cinema has changed over the years and so has the way of taking it. Earlier it was a community experience where people went to watch movies with families. Now cinema is coming to the people with a personalized date. They prefer to watch it on their laptops using their headphones. And if they’re looking for certain kinds of things or certain kinds of language, I don’t think there’s a problem with that. As far as cinema having a negative effect on people’s mind, I don’t believe in it. I understand cinema being an audio-visual medium makes a lot of impact, but people are behaving in a certain way just because… I would say it is wrong to say that.

Offering a solution, Vijay says, “It is better that creators take the concept of self-censorship seriously than an authority imposes censorship.”

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