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‘Love Is Blind’ season 4 live reunion sees the absence of a key couple

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The cast of ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 came together for Sunday’s live reunion special. But it looks like Jacqueline “Jackie” Bonds and Josh Demas had other plans for Sunday evening.

Image credits: Netflix
Image credits: Netflix

Jackie, 27, started dating Josh, 31, after she called him Engagement With fiancé Marshall Glave, 27, on Season 4.

The absence of the J&J duo raised a lot of questions among the fans.

“Jackie and Josh aren’t here, but I sat down with them for an exclusive interview that we’ll show you later in the show,” said Vanessa Lachey, host of the Sunday livestream.

During Season 4 fans noticed that Jackie began to develop feelings for both Josh and Marshall. But she eventually went along with Marshall and accepted his offer.

The pair always engaged in escalating drama and many intense arguments, which eventually lead to a breakdown when the two decided to go their separate ways. “I don’t want to be with you anymore. I just can’t be with you,” Jackie told her ex on camera.

And after that, Jackie begins dating Josh over coffee after he confesses his feelings for her.

In the pre-taped interview Josh said, “We are taking our time with everything. You know what I mean? Life comes at you fast and we don’t want to rush anything. I guess sometimes, you can outgrow love. The 31-year-old reality star said, “We live together now. We got a dog. We got a fish. I’m a girl daddy!

After her separation from Marshall, Jackie faced many social ridicules. Although she indicated that she would bring her receipts to the special Season 4 live reunion.

Jackie and Marshall (Image Credit: Netflix)

With the interview with Vanessa, 42, Jackie tried to “clarify some things” that might have plagued her image. She retorted, “Okay, so I broke up with Marshall before I saw Josh at the coffee shop. Looks like I’m a cheater and I’m not a cheater.”

When Vanessa asked Jackie what was the reason for their split, she replied, “It happened off camera when we were filling out the marriage certificate. He called me a derogatory name and we fought about it and it was three days.” It was a bad joke, I guess what it was. It was one of those where we were joking, but it just turned out bad.

on Sunday Netflix A “problem with the livestream” was encountered which delayed the live stream for one hour. The streamer tweeted a post saying, “Wait! We’re trying to fix this asap.”

Love Is Blind Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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