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Going back to marketing class at WhatsApp University

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<p data-recalc-dims=WhatsApp will soon evolve into a mass consumer engagement and mass promotion mode.

WhatsApp will soon evolve into a massive consumer engagement and massive promotion mode.
WhatsApp Has been one of the most surprising products with immense potential, yet remains one of the least utilized platforms for marketing and communication partners.

since its inception, WhatsApp Connected to other rich-format messaging apps such as increaseMessenger, Wechat, etc. Over time, the platform has begun to attract brands A lot of credit can also be given for experimenting with the platform, and for upgrading technology by introducing new features. As a consumer, I am experiencing this trend of WhatsApp messages from consumer electronics, travel and hospitality, banks, lifestyle, and more brands,

But, as the industry is slowly moving towards this platform, the big question is not about mass messaging WhatsApp API with calls-to-action. WhatsApp will soon evolve into a massive consumer engagement and massive promotion mode. Missing the bigger question is the hidden potential of WhatsApp to gain content virality through the platform.

the power of whatsapp

Marketing people often measure performance on certain KPIs such as impressions (reach), number of active users, time spent on the platform (attention span), open rate, and engagement rate.

Some of these are more relevant to social media sites, others to e-mail marketing. I found this interesting table of most popular social media sites, which surprisingly counted WhatsApp as one of the social media sites.

The image below shows the strength of the platform in the country. As of 2021, there were about 1.2 billion mobile subscribers in the country, of which about 60% used smartphones. Reports suggest that WhatsApp has an open rate of 95%, which is a great number compared to the 13% to 20% open rate for email and other messenger-based messaging.

Today WhatsApp has grown beyond just a messaging app; with whatsapp pay, whatsapp statusAnd whatsapp businessThe tool is much bigger than a social media app. It’s only around 2021 that WhatsApp opens up its API to businesses, allowing organizations to leverage the platform and reach out to their existing customer base. The platform helps brands reach their target audience, build effective relationships with customers, and generate marketing-qualified leads for sales.

whatsapp business Actually is a paid service with tiered pricing. Can send promotional messages with defined brands CTA Like ‘Register now,’ ‘I want to upgrade,’ ‘Subscribe,’ and more. Thanks to privacy laws, brands are required to obtain customer consent before sending messages using WhatsApp Business, and there are several ways to successfully obtain this.

As a consumer and a marcom professional, I open and read these messages too. Looking at this example, there is a potential for a very high open rate. And this approach is practical for mass marketing and pushing an agenda. However, building thought leadership and high credibility requires a different approach – something that is taught at university, whatsapp university,

whatsapp university

Yes, there is no such thing as WhatsApp University. This event introduced us to the power of network effects and content virality. A perceived trust and credibility is attached to messages shared from a saved contact, even if they have been tagged as forwarded multiple times.

This gives brands a window to build awareness through built-in trust, mimicking the event through brand-led content to spread awareness and educate consumers about specific topics.

In 2015, as a junior marketing associate at a food-tech startup, I hit upon the idea of ​​creating content virality with WhatsApp. We’ve put together a short list on the seven steps to beat diabetes in the form of an infographic to share world diabetes day,

Due to a lack of resources and technology, we could not track or measure the effectiveness of the campaign. But it stayed with the whole team as an exciting exercise.

An important caveat in this exercise is intention. Maintaining a neutral and educative tone of content is imperative, ensuring that the brand stays true to purpose while keeping consumer and consumer interest paramount. Before repurposing existing content, it is important to understand what consumers are searching for. As I always say, be the matchmaker, and provide your clients with the answers they are looking for.

We often get so busy sharing our side of the story that we should remember to see if it appeals to the audience. Everyone is looking for information. WhatsApp content marketing is a great way to actively reach a target audience when they are looking for answers.

If you’re enrolling in WhatsApp University, see you in class.

  • Published on April 14, 2023 at 08:13 AM IST

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