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Double standard of Housing Board: Somewhere 50 to 25% and somewhere not even 1% exemption was given to remove backlog property

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Rajasthan Housing Board - Dainik Bhaskar

Rajasthan Housing Board

Rajasthan Housing Board is adopting double standards to sell the properties lying in the backlog. For selling a property, they are giving 50 per cent concession and for some, 25 per cent concession. Whereas in Chaupasni Housing Board, flats made for high and middle income groups are being sold at zero discount.

Their price is 49 to 64 lakh rupees. On behalf of the Housing Board, 50 flats are being sold during the auction on Wednesday at Marwar Apartment located in Chaupasni Housing Board. Zero discount has been given on all these. In this, 12 flats are of HIG high income group and 38 flats of MIG B middle income group.

The rate of high income group has been fixed at Rs 63 lakh 90 thousand. Whereas the rate of middle income group has been kept at Rs 48 thousand 55 thousand. The special thing is that no concession has been given on all these flats. They are being auctioned with zero discount.

The general public is confused about the double attitude of the Mandal. Concession is being given in Kudi scheme, but this exemption is not there in Chaupasni scheme. While earlier, 50 percent concession was given in Marwar Apartments. But now suddenly concession is not being given.

More than 500 flats sold at 50% discount in two schemes
Vivek Vihar and Pali Road were planned by the Housing Board, in which there were two to two and a half thousand flats. But the irony is that no buyer was found for these properties.

Therefore, Wednesday was included in the auction on behalf of the board. First 25 percent and then 50 percent discount was given. After this people came forward to buy the property. More than 500 flats were sold at half the price.

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