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Divyanka Tripathi’s ‘exciting’ reaction to earthquake Twitter school: ‘This is plain insensitive’

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yeh hai mohabbatein actors Divyanka Tripathi He was criticized for his irresponsible response to the recent earthquake that shook parts of northern India on Tuesday evening. Tremors of 6.6 magnitude earthquake were felt in large parts of North India including Delhi-NCR, with its epicenter in Afghanistan. The actress took to her Instagram Stories to share her excitement for witnessing the “first earthquake of her life”. (Also Read: Abdu Rozic’s team revealed that MC Stan’s management damaged his car, broke panels; To take action,

Divyanka Tripathi shared on her Instagram Stories that it was 'exciting' to watch the recent earthquake.
Divyanka Tripathi shared on her Instagram Stories that it was ‘exciting’ to watch the recent earthquake.

In an Instagram story that later went viral on Twitter as it was shared widely by many, Divyanka expressed how “very exciting” it was to experience her first earthquake in Chandigarh. She said in the clip, “Well, it’s very exciting because I’m experiencing the first earthquake of my life and you won’t feel the same… The street in Chandigarh has come down. It’s exciting, for now, Jab Tak Juch Ke Nahi Hota,” (Everyone in the neighborhood has gathered downstairs… until it gets stronger.) Several users slammed the actor for his tone-deaf response to a natural disaster. Reprimanded.

Several users expressed their irritation for Divyanka’s insensitive comments on the earthquake, which could have caused serious harm to many people, and slammed the actor. A user reposted his clip and wrote, “Imagine someone from Turkey or Syria seeing what they are doing….!!!! Natural disasters are no joke…!! !!” Another said, “People were scared, in fear of losing everything, and it was seriously exciting for her!” One comment read, “He lost it…. who posts insensitive comments like this after what happened in Turkey and Syria last month.” Another user said, “How insensitive and pathetic to make such comments after all the deaths in Turkey and Syria that have shaken the whole world… Some people are the best at playing characters on TV because the reality is quite the opposite.” Is! !”

At least nine people were killed and 44 injured in Pakistan after an earthquake struck Afghanistan late on Tuesday, news agency Reuters reported. At least two people were killed in Afghanistan in the quake that was also felt in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. Around 10:30 pm (IST) in India, citizens took to the streets in panic.

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