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Death of rare Great Indian Bustard in Jaisalmer due to current: Wings, bones and head found near high tension line in Dholia village, forest department will investigate

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Jaisalmer16 minutes ago

Jaisalmer. Remains of Godavan found under the high tension line.

A sensation spread after the remains of Rajasthan’s state bird Great Indian Bustard Godavan were found near Dholia village of Jaisalmer. Remains of Godavan bird’s wings, bones and head were found under the high tension lines of the electricity department running between Dholia-Khetolai. The villagers informed the wildlife lovers about this. Wildlife lover Radheshyam Pemani inspected the spot and informed the Forest Department. The team of Forest Department Pokaran and Lathi reached the spot and took samples of the remains of Godavan. The Forest Department team took the samples and sent them to the Wildlife Institute Center in Dehradun.

Wildlife lover Radheshyam Pemani told that the Godavan bird died after colliding with the high tension lines. Stray dogs must have killed the injured Godavan. Now only the remains of hundreds of feathers, bones and heads of Godavan were found on the spot. He told that so far 9 rare Godavan birds have died due to electrocution.

The forest department team collecting the remains of Godavan, along with wildlife lovers Radheshyam Pemani and Sumer Singh Sawta.

The forest department team collecting the remains of Godavan, along with wildlife lovers Radheshyam Pemani and Sumer Singh Sawta.

Forest department took samples

The Forest Department team reached the spot at 11 am on Thursday. The joint team of Pokaran and Lathi Forest Department reached the spot under the leadership of Ranger Jagdish Vishnoi and Ranger KK Vyas. The team collected the remains of Godavan from the spot. Dr. Shravan Singh of Godavan Breeding Center took samples of the remains. The forest department team made preparations to send it to the Wildlife Institute Center located in Dehradun. Ranger Jagdish Vishnoi told that the remains of Godavan have been taken from the spot and sent for investigation. It will be clear only after the investigation that how and for what reasons the death happened. The Forest Department team consisted of Assistant Forest Pal Kamlesh Vishnoi, Forest Guard Hamir Singh, Suresh Khara, Pamp Singh and Raghuveer Singh etc. Wildlife lover Sumer Singh Sawta also reached the spot.

Till now 9 Godavan died due to current

Radheshyam Pemani told that in the last 4 years, a total of 4 Godavan deaths have been registered between Dholia-Khetolai on this line. And from the year 2017 till now there have been 9 incidents of death of Godavan due to such current. Despite this, neither the government nor the administration is serious about it. On the one hand, the government is spending crores for the protection of Godavan but is not doing the work of undergrounding the high tension lines of electricity. Wildlife lovers are deeply saddened by the deaths of rare birds like this.

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