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CBFC removes ‘police brutality’ scenes and more from ‘Bheed’, Swara Bhasker reacts: ‘Nothing like facts’

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Swara Bhaskar and a few others on Twitter are reacting to the long list of edits suggested by the Central Board of Film Certification for Anubhav Sinha’s latest film ‘Bheed’. A black and white film starring Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar, Sinha’s take on the massive migrant movement during the March 2020 lockdown in India. (Also Read: Bhide Movie Review: Anubhav Sinha’s Lockdown Story Is A Tough Watch That Hits You Hard,

Swara Bhasker reacts to all the cuts suggested by CBFC for Bheed.
Swara Bhasker reacts to all the cuts suggested by CBFC for Bheed.

According to the list circulated on social media, a bunch of profanity and some nudity were removed from the film. One edit included the removal of ‘all (direct and indirect) speeches and references to the Honorable Prime Minister (voice-over). Additionally, ‘Prime Minister was replaced with Minister and voice-over of Chief Minister of Delhi was changed wherever he appeared/appeared (also removed from sub-titles).’

More edits included: muted the word ‘jihad’ from the ‘corona jihad has failed’ dialogue; ‘reduced scenes of police brutality/beating migrant workers, specifically removed scenes of direct hitting’; The ‘Partition of India seems to be..’ dialogue was removed and replaced with ‘This is an unprecedented mass migration’, as it compared the lockdown situation/phenomenon and the Indian Partition (also from the sub-title) It is spoken. ,

Responding to the edits, Swara tweeted, “Nothing stings like facts.. We have a new disease in India: Allergy to facts. #mobs #censorship.”

The film’s first trailer was also scrapped and re-released with changes, including omitting a speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and referencing a dialogue. Talking about the editing, Anubhav Sinha told PTI in an interview, “Of course, these changes are obvious. The trailer was off air for two days (and) the changes mentioned are correct. But that reason is the business of the filmmaker. There is a purity in the film and I would not like to tamper with it.

Regarding the edits, actor Rajkumar Rao said, ‘Only the makers can answer this. I don’t cut the trailer or put it on social media. It is not my responsibility. It is a creative decision. Only Anubhav sir can tell you about it, and you will meet him soon.”

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