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BJP Seeks Action Against Sonia Gandhi Over “Karnataka Sovereignty” Remark

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The BJP claimed that people generally perceive the Congress as a party that consistently aligns itself with groups that are hostile and against the interests of India.

The day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his last election rally before the May 10 Karnataka elections, he accused the Congress of openly supporting the separation of Karnataka from India. BJP has written to Election Commission of India seeking action against Congress and Sonia Gandhi for her statement on sovereignty during a campaign rally.
A tweet by the Congress on May 6 quoted Sonia Gandhi saying that they won’t let anyone endanger the reputation, sovereignty, or unity of Karnataka. This statement drew strong criticism from the BJP and the Prime Minister. (Read Also: Sharad Pawar “Stunned” On PM Modi’s Karnataka Campaigning)
The BJP expressed in a letter to the poll body that the tweet by the Congress seems to be a deliberate attempt to provoke the patriotic and peace-loving people of Karnataka. They believe that the intention behind this tweet is to disturb the peace and harmony in Karnataka for the sake of gaining votes and support from certain specific communities or groups whose aim is to disrupt the integrity of India.

The BJP also mentioned that the Congress has a widespread perception of always supporting forces that are against and hostile to the Indian state.

BJP Criticizes Sonia Gandhi’s Statement on Karnataka’s Sovereignty: Calls for Action by Election Commission

The BJP criticized Mrs. Gandhi’s statement as “unfortunate and inappropriate,” stating that even hinting at secession to the people of Karnataka is insulting and disrespectful. Karnataka played a vital role in India’s Independence movement and has contributed significantly to various fields like art, culture, education, industry, and trade after independence.

The BJP’s letter stated that Karnataka is a significant state in India, and any suggestion to protect its sovereignty is seen as a call for secession. They emphasized that such a move would have dangerous and harmful consequences, going against the recognized principles of a sovereign state.

The BJP accused the Congress party of engaging in deliberate and mischievous acts by supporting secessionist organizations or movements like the banned Popular Front of India (PFI) or the so-called “tukde tukde gang.” They claimed that Sonia Gandhi’s call to protect Karnataka’s sovereignty aligns with this pattern of behavior.

The BJP requested that the Election Commission cancel the registration of the party, stating that they have acted in direct violation of the mandatory Oath to uphold the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of India. Call for action to prevent and penalize actions violating the Model Code of Conduct.

Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje, who lodged the complaint, referred to Mrs. Gandhi’s statement as “surprising and not permissible.” She accused Mrs. Gandhi of violating the rules of the Model Code of Conduct and urged the Election Commission to take strong action against her for making such a statement.

Karandlaje, the head of the BJP Election Management Committee, also urged the Election Commission to instruct the filing of a First Information Report (FIR) against Mrs. Gandhi and take strict disciplinary action as an example.

BJP Expressed Mrs. Gandhi’s Insult to Karnataka’s Freedom Fighters:

The Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare expressed that Mrs. Gandhi insulted Karnataka’s freedom fighters who fought for India’s independence. It is also seen as an insult to the millions of patriotic people from Karnataka who strongly identify with India and value their Indian identity.

A delegation from the BJP, led by Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav, Jitendra Singh, BJP General Secretary Tarun Chugh, National Chief Spokesperson Anil Baluni, and Om Pathak from the BJP’s central disciplinary committee, met with the Election Commission today to submit the aforementioned letter.

During a public meeting in Mysuru district, Prime Minister Modi alleged that the Congress’s top leadership had been influenced by the divisive ideology of the so-called “tukde-tukde gang.”

PM Modi stated that the Congress’s “royal family” takes the lead in working against India’s interests. He expressed deep pain in his heart while discussing this serious matter. He mentioned that the country cannot forgive such actions, as this family is encouraging foreign forces to interfere in Indian politics to gain influence.

PM accused the Congress of holding secret meetings with foreign diplomats who hold hostility towards India and engaging in activities that disrespect the sovereignty of the country. He emphasized that they show no remorse for their actions.

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