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“Batla House” Actor Jailed In UAE, 2 Arrested For Possessing Drugs On Her

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Chrisann Pereira was arrested at Sharjah airport for carrying drugs concealed in a souvenir. And she is currently being held at Sharjah Central Jail.

Mumbai: Batla House actor jailed in UAE for conspiracy with a dog, trophy, and drugs.

Chrisann Pereira, who is presently imprisoned in Sharjah Central Jail, was taken into custody on April 1st at Sharjah airport. The reason for her arrested was due to the discovery of drugs concealed in a souvenir she was carrying. Mumbai Crime Branch officials have uncovered evidence that suggests that the actress, Chrisann Pereira, may have been falsely accused in retaliation for a dispute over a dog.

The authorities have apprehended two suspects, Anthony Paul and Rajesh Bobhate, in connection with the case. While Anthony was arrested a day earlier, Rajesh was taken into custody today.

The Mumbai Police have charged both Anthony Paul and Rajesh Bobhate, who live in the suburb of Mira Road, with extortion. They allegedly demanded payment in exchange for releasing Ms. Pereira after her arrested on drug possession charges.

Batla House Actor Jailed Over Alleged Drug Conspiracy

According to a preliminary investigation by the Mumbai Crime Branch, the brother of one of the accused had a dispute with the mother of the actress over a dog. Both parties reside in the same building, and the mother had also quarreled with the brother over the same issue.

Police believe that the accused used this issue as a motive to allegedly force the actress to become a drug mule.

The actor was reportedly approached by Rajesh, who pretended to be a talent scout and offered her an audition for a web-series in Sharjah. Anthony, the brother of one of the accused, allegedly enlisted Rajesh’s help to approach the actor.

The suspects then asked her to carry a trophy that contained the drugs, claiming it was an audition prop. The actress was subsequently caught with the contraband at the airport.

Anthony and Rajesh are accused of framing a DJ, Clayton Rodriguez, in a similar manner. They allegedly gave him a cake containing drugs.

The accused have been remanded to police custody until May 2nd.

Chrisann Pereira is known for her work in Bollywood films such as ‘Sadak-2’ and ‘Batla House’.

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