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Australian cricketer shuts down critics of Arjun Tendulkar in IPL 2023

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Arjun Tendulkar has experienced both success and failure in his brief IPL 2023 career thus far.

Arjun Tendulkar, the son of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, has had a tumultuous start to his IPL career in 2023. He has experienced both success and failure in a short span of time.

In one match, he proved his potential by taking a crucial wicket in the last over against SunRisers Hyderabad. However, in the following match against Punjab Kings, he struggled and gave away 48 runs in three overs, including 31 runs in a single over – making it the second-most expensive over by a Mumbai Indians bowler.

Despite the setback, Arjun had a promising start in the recent match against Gujarat Titans where he conceded only four runs in the opening over after his captain Rohit Sharma chose to bowl first on winning the toss.

Arjun’s performances have shown flashes of his talent, but also highlighted the challenges he faces in the competitive world of IPL 2023. While it’s still early in his career, his ability to learn from his mistakes and bounce back will be crucial for his growth as a player.

In the match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, Wriddhiman Saha missed a pull shot in the third over off Arjun Tendulkar’s delivery, resulting in an edge that was caught by the keeper. Saha decided to review the decision after taking advice from his partner Shubman Gill, but the on-field umpire’s decision was upheld after checking with UltraEdge.

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This marked a successful comeback for Arjun Tendulkar, who had previously given away 48 runs in three overs against Punjab Kings. He appeared to have regained his confidence and momentum, as he only conceded five runs in the match against Kolkata Knight Riders. As a 23-year-old left-arm seamer, Tendulkar showed promising signs of growth and improvement as a bowler.

Although Arjun Tendulkar has received positive feedback for his ability to bowl yorkers, some have criticised his lack of speed. Former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee addressed this criticism, advising Tendulkar to not listen to his detractors.

Lee acknowledged that critics will always find something to nitpick, even pointing out that Sandeep Sharma bowls at 120 kph, whereas Tendulkar’s pace is faster than that. At only 23 years old, Tendulkar has plenty of time to develop and improve his skills as a bowler. Lee’s advice to him was to not let the criticism affect him and to focus on his own growth and progress.

These comments were made by Lee during an interaction facilitated by Jio Cinema, the digital broadcasters of the IPL.

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Lee further elaborated on his positive outlook towards Arjun Tendulkar’s future in the IPL, noting that he has an array of skills at his disposal, including the ability to bowl at 140 kph. While he may experience some ups and downs, Tendulkar should remain confident in his abilities and continue to work on his craft. Lee also advised Tendulkar to not let social media critics get to him, pointing out that most of them have never even played cricket and are merely “keyboard warriors.”

Lee emphasized that Tendulkar has all the right attributes and talent needed to succeed in the IPL, and that his pace will likely improve as he becomes more comfortable in the team environment and adjusts to the pressure of playing in front of a large audience. Ultimately, Lee’s advice was for Tendulkar to keep his head down, work hard, and tune out the noise from the critics.

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