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A few hours before his death, Anupam Kher told Satish Kaushik ‘I am not going to die yet’; anil kapoor crying

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actor Anupam Kher Recently organized a musical night to remember my late friend Satish Kaushik on his birth anniversary. The program also included stories to persuade Satish. Welcomed celebrities including hosts for the night Anil Kapoor, Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Rani Mukerji and Johnny Lever. (Also Read | Satish Kaushik’s daughter Vanshika reads out heart-wrenching letter to late father,

Anupam Kher shared many pictures with Satish Kaushik on his birthday.
Anupam Kher shared many pictures with Satish Kaushik on his birthday.

Anupam wept while speaking on the stage during the programme. Anil, who was sitting next to Rani Mukerji in the audience, also burst into tears. Anupam remembers Satish saying, “Satish is gone but our friendship has survived all the ups and downs and we have seen the most wonderful gift ever given to us. Anil has prepared a small audio-visual for Satish, we Will see him. Then I will request Anil. To come and talk.”

Anil kept hinting that he would not go on stage. Anupam told him, “You have to come. No no, you have to come. It’s okay. I’m also dealing with it. I can’t deal with it alone.”

Anupam further added, “(He) was sometimes underrated, but he was very talented. He never decided to market himself. He was amazing.” He then asked Anil to join him on stage, “Heroes always cry, come and friends cry.” However, after walking a few steps, Anil broke down, indicated with his hand that he would not be able to join Anupam on stage, and returned to his seat. Anupam said, “Aaja (come) okay.” As he too started crying, Anupam said, “Anil you are mad. I was fine a little bit.”

Anupam said, “9, on the 7th he came on my birthday, he called me, I said, ‘Tu bahut thaak gaya sound kar raha hai’. Do this, go to the hospital, check-in, accept yourself.” Don’t, go and check in’. So told us, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to die’. Hospital and check-in. They said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to die’). And After three hours, unfortunately, he left us.”

Actress Shabana Azmi also talked about Satish. Speaking to the late actor’s daughter Vanshika, she said, “When you used to make Instagram videos, he was very proud of you. He would always say, ‘Look my daughter’. What your father wanted for you, I I’ll do it as long as I can.”

Satish Kaushik Died on March 8 following a cardiac arrest in New Delhi. Anupam Kher first reported the news of his death on social media. Since then, Anupam has posted several videos and notes in his friend’s memory and shared how he is trying to overcome the loss and come to terms with reality.

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